Our Philosophy

Are we really ready to all be vegan these days?

What about
Black and Gold

Enjoy the Black and Gold experience like a real chef.

The art of Kintsugi
at Black and Gold

The ancient technique of repairing with gold as a metaphor.

Our Ethic

The conscious omnivorous kitchen admits, occasionally, the consumption of animal protein. We are going to try to reduce it, however, it must not come from intensive farms. They must be animals fed without transgenics, they must not be slaughtered too young and the cuts used are not the classic ones. They are difficult cuts to exploit (value / elaborate at the culinary level).

If it is fish, we are going to prioritize oily and seasonal fish. Of fair size, not too small, to give the possibility of reproduction. And not too big, which accumulates mercury and microplastics. And that it has not been fished by trace, so as not to damage the seabed.

Respecting these dynamics, we begin a relationship of empathy with the environment that facilitates the next step: vegetable protein as the protagonist of the diet.

¿Qué tiene que ver
la filosofía Kintsugi?

La metáfora es que la rotura de la pieza de cerámica representa la muerte del ser vivo (carne, pescado, verdura, etc.) y al unirlo con oro (aprovechando todas sus partes) permite embellecer cada una de las elaboraciones culinarias.

Si un objeto se rompe se puede reparar con cariño, de la misma manera, si un ser vivo es sacrificado para el consumo humano, podemos honrarle, cocinándolo con respeto y aprovechando en su totalidad sus propiedades nutricionales.